Egad! A post!

In which Beerman remembers once again that he has a blog…

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So yeah, I finished those games just in time for ROM, had a great time at the event, and then in the sudden absence of deadlines I promptly went dark for several months. I’m a wee bit rubbish at the whole “maintaining focus” thing, y’know.

Anyroad, I still aten’t dead, just haven’t really been working on anything games related recently. Finally managed to summon up the motivation to upload the two competition games, so here they are:

Zap! Pocalypse

Trench Run

Now, what to work on next? I’m really enjoying the voxel tech, it suits my retro-aesthetic right down to the ground, so I’ll be sticking with that. Which just leaves me to come up with the game idea. Right now I’m thinking about either having a crack at Uridium or that old side-on biplane combat game.