Know your enemy

+++ SS2OB:ENEMY01 +++

Starsheep Command Briefing Document

Know Your Enemy : A Guide to Sheep-Snagger forces

Starsheep Command have identified the following craft deployed in Sheep Snagger invasion attempts. Study them carefully.


Function : Abduction craft Weapons : None

Hunter units abduct sheepies and attempt to transfer them to the orbiting mothership. Once the sheepie population of a planetoid is totally depleted, the MarkieStar craft will be depoyed. You must prevent this at all costs!


Function : Assault craft Weapons : Low yield plasma cannon

Fighter craft are deployed in most scenarios to protect Hunter units.


Function : Area denial unit Weapons : Mines

Minelayers will avoid direct contact with StarSheepcraft where possible, attempting to blanket the planatoid with mines to hinder defense attempts by oour forces.


Function : Mine Weapons : None

Sheep Snagger limpet mines are a highly effective area-denial weapon. Contact with the mines is deadly to StarSheep craft, and remote destruction of mines with your lasers will release a cloud of heatseeking limpet units.


Function : Skirmish unit Weapons : None

Limpet craft attempt to attach themselves to the Starsheep craft and affect guidance and control systems. Automated coutermeasures systems can quickly disable attached limpets, but until they are cleared StarSheep handling and fire control will me compromised.


Other Sheep Snagger forces are known to be in operation. Further details are unknown at present.