ChaosBall : End of week 2 and a new preview build

It’s been a busy weekend here at the Beercave, with lots of new stuff added to ChaosBall. First up, new and exciting varieties of brick, in pretty colours and different sizes. I also turned down the brightness on the score digits as they were a bit too distracting.

Many more chaos scenes will soon be available. Speaking of distracting, I built a new camera component so that I could move the viewpoint around. Obviously, to try it out I needed to attach it to something mobile…

Actually, I quite like the effect there, I might keep it in the finished game as an option. Once I was happy with my camera system, I used it to add a bit of vibration to the screen every time the ball bounces. Add in a cracking ambient soundtrack from my good mate GovernmentYard and it’s looking pretty good.

This might actually turn out to be fun. Anyway, enough waffling from me. Download the new build and check it out!

Like it? Hate it? Managed to break it spectacularly? Let me know in the comments below, at @BeercaveGames or email me at