On a Mission (Retromission 2013)

This weekend I took a break from swearing at Java to head on down to Oxford for the first Retromission event. Rising from the ashes of the now sadly defunct Retrovision, we had a new name, a newly- renamed pub, and more-or-less the same crowd of drinkers and gamers as usual.

Being an easily-led numpty, I’d let myself be talked into running one of the gaming competitions, and thus “Beerman’s Beercade Homebrew Challenge” was born! A high score tournament across four top notch homebrew games made by event and associated forum regulars. With a flash of last-minute inspiration leading to having a homebrew beer kit as the prize, it turned out pretty well.

The Games

DotShooter (NCOT Software)


Dead Pixel Invaders (Alex Aris Games)

Juno Hunter (Some cowboy outfit called Beercave or something)

All-in-all the competition was a great success, and I’ll definitely be up for organising a repeat at next year’s event. With a bit of luck, it’s inspired a few of the regulars to take a crack at making their own games as well. Flush with the success of the homebrew contest, I decided to enter the Sunday afternoon Warlords tournament (well, technically it was Medieval Mayhem). Despite (to my shame) never having played it before, I dominated the competition to secure myself the coveted trophy, and had a great time in the process. I’m thinking that it might make an excellent candidate for October’s game - simple, great fun, and feels like it could make a great 4 player tablet game. Apparently there’s an iPad port out there but as far as I can tell there’s nothing for Android. Now if I can just get Electric Sex Cannon finished before the end of the month…