And that’s Seven. Magnificent!

Oh yeah, I have a blog, don’t I? That would be a sensible place to announce game releases, wouldn’t it? Oops!

So yeah, I finished up Head Banger on Sunday, added it to the [games page] and alerted various parts of the internets, while somehow neglecting to mention it here. Anyway, it’s done now so:

[Play Head Banger for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android]

So what’s new since the last post? looks back at previous update Wow, just about everything then. First up, I expanded the band name generator to classify the generated names into one of four styles (punk, thrash, 80s glam, and Death Metal) and generate a suitable logo.

Next up, I added some actual gameplay. The idea is to drink a target number of beers for each level. Trouble is, the bar won’t serve you until you’ve been to the mosh pit and back - don’t ask me why, the Landlord makes the rules. Which wouldn’t be so bad if not for the constant rain of hammers being hurled across the pub by Mad Ernie the Roadie…

Hmm, that player avatar’s not very interesting, is it? He needs to look like he’s actually planning on attending a gig…

Much better :) Next we could do with some kind of visual indicator of how high your METAL level is - there’s the horns indicator in the top right but it’s hardly obvious. How about if we level up the avatar by making him look increasingly awesome as he levels up?

Yeah, that ought to do it. Plus as he sticks his arms out there’s a greater risk of taking a hammer somewhere other than direct to the head - bit of risk/reward there.

With that all working, all that was left was a suitably rocking soundtrack. Being the multi-talented Rock God that I am, I whipped out my trusty Warlock and set to work.

Then I remembered I’m not actually very good at playing it, fired up a copy of Reaper, and hacked out a few simple tracks. Nothing that’s likely to win a Grammy any time soon but they all fit in with the game pretty well.

Head Banger Soundtrack on SoundCloud