Beerman's adventures in voxel-land, part 3 : It moves!

Busy evening!

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Day 5

First up, I fixed the rendering problem. Turns out the mesh builder was just creating the triangles for my cubes all wrong. That’s what I get for copy and pasting the vertex list from the internets. To fix it, I shrunk the world down to a single chunk and zoomed right in on it to see what was being drawn.

Close up on the cube Part way through, got a couple of faces drawing correctly now.

Once I could see what I was doing, I had the test grid back up and running in no time.

The grid Hooray, we’re almost back to where we were on day 3!

Next thing was to update the mesh builder to add colour back in.

Th grid, once more in colour Now we’re back to where we were on day 3!

For once, I actually had a bit of time to play around after fixing the previous night’s bugs, so I updated my setup code to generate a fairly basic height-mapped landscape, which came out looking quite nice and videogamey.

Heightmapped landscapes Yeah, this is pretty much what I’m looking for.

Suppose I should start thinking about turning it into a game now, then…