There will be tanks

After an evening of beer and contemplation of game ideas (but mostly beer), I keep coming back to two main ideas.

First off is something I’ve been itching to take a crack at for a while now - Namco’s Assault.

I first ran across it on a school trip at the age of around 15 and I’ve loved it ever since. The twin-stick tank controls, the rotating field of play, and the awesome sideways roll move hooked me immediately and never let go.

The second idea pretty much sprang from the first. Thinking about tanks and the fun things you can do with them, I remembered how although I was always crap at RTS games, I did always enjoy commandeering a tank and using it to run over the enemy infantry :)

Combining the two then, the concept for my October Challenge game is a twin-stick controlled tank on a rotating playfield which you use to run down hordes of little squishy people. A few more ideas are still bubbling under, but first I want to build a quick prototype and see if it’s as fun as it sounds…