In which things go awry for Our Hero

These are dark times at Beercave Towers…

A brief timeline:

  1. I start making some progress on the new improved Gun Bastard
  2. Deciding to get a bit more sexified I step up my workout program and decide to cut back on the beers for a while
  3. My PC decides it’s time to go tits up and stops booting.

So, that’s no gamedev, my entire media collection inaccessible and my only internet access outside of work is via the iPod or Vikki’s laptop. Which pretty much leaves my only remaining entertainment option being broadcast TV, and like hell if I’m watching that crap sober!

Going by the diagnostic lights the voltage regulator module on the motherboard’s popped its clogs. I had a quick google around and I can pick up a replacement for 20-30 quid but since that’s the second hardware failure it’s had I figure it might be best to buy a new machine. I might see about resurrecting the old one for occasional usage but I’m not convinced it’s reliable enough for day-to-day development.

In summary, watch this space - normal service will be resumed shortly…