Enter the Fist

Little slow off the mark this month. I’ve been a bit under the weather the last week or so, and that combined with a sudden uptick in workload from the day job and some unexpected Beermobile-related expenses have left me somewhat burnt-out in the evenings and unfit for anything more mentally taxing than staring at the screen going “bleh”.

Finally though, the weekend hit and I got a chance to shut down and recharge. There’s something intensely therapeutic about rolling out of bed at lunchtime :)

So, suitably recharged, I made a start by implementing the first of many terrible gags. This is the player select screen…


I’m definitely getting less crap at the whole graphics thing. Mostly down to reading through the excellent 2D game art for programmers series of tutorials. While I’m still not exactly brilliant, it’s really helped in being able to at least start to figure out how to turn the pictures in my head into pictures on the screen.

Animation, I still need to work on…

It’s a start though, hopefully tomorrow I can actually get some game characters moving around on-screen.