Playing Gods : First Steps

All’s going well so far with the Playing Gods project. After a thoroughly productive (and somewhat beery :D ) series of playthroughs of the board game last weekend to fully clarify the rules, I’ve got most of a prototype of the logic hacked together in python, and I’m happy enough with it that I’m ready to make a start on the game proper.

For that, the current plan is to use Unity3D for the front-end graphics, backed up with an AppEngine web service for tracking the game state and co-ordinating the players. I’m looking at getting the back-end working first, with a basic HTML UI for testing, then look at adding the pretty stuff later.

So far that’s working out well, and I’m hoping to have most of the state tracking logic in place with AppEngine over the next week or two.

Conveniently, this upcoming weekend is the next Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition, so I’m planning to use that as an excuse to familiarise myself with the Unity engine in preparation for when I get to work on the front-end.