SS2 : 4 days remaining

Not long left now. The official Sheep Snaggers 2 release is at Retrovision on Friday - I’ll be putting it up for download for those of you that can’t make it - and it looks like I’m gonna be coding right up to the wire.

Gameplay-wise, everything’s in there and working (as seen in the last update). I’ve just got the usual last-minute tweaks and “boring bits” to finish off - fixing up the menus, redefinable controls (maybe), but mainly a bit of playing with the difficulty curve.

Right now it doesn’t have one, every level plays exactly the same. I should really fix that, otherwise there’s no real incentive for progression. I’m thinking the ideal situation is to slowly raise the threat level by making the enemies faster and more aggressive the longer you spend on the same level. Clearing the level dials the aggression and speed back for a while, but also raises the total number of enemies on screen at any one time. Should add a reasonable risk/reward trade-off without needing too much work.