SS2 : Feature complete

I’ve had a fairly busy week here at the beercave. Pretty much all the vital gameplay elements for Sheep Snaggers 2 are now in place. Check out the video below of me playing through a full game.

Things I’ve added:

  • MechaMarkie now bigger and scarier
  • Multiple collision zones on MechaMarkie. Shoot him in the face to defeat him
  • Destroy the factory with your Sheepikaze glider bombs to activate ‘Curry Time’ level transition mini-game.
  • Swapped the boring enemy explosions for a way sexier pixel-shatter effect
  • Limited enemy spawns to a fixed upper limit to stop things getting too crazy too early
  • All enemies now spawn off screen - stops them sneakily appearing on top of you
  • Jobs for next week:

  • Mecha Markie is suitably huge and menacing, but not really much of a threat right now. Need to give him some weapons. I’m thinking laser eyes and get that big cannon working
  • Get the player death sequence looking a bit better. I like the way it crashes but I’m not keen on the flame effect, need to get the pixel shatter explosion in there too
  • Curry time needs a bit of tweaking. The idea’s there but it’s not really balanced just yet.
  • That should be more than enough to keep me busy for a while.