We can't stop here! This is Bat Coun^w^w September!

Thanks to an early finish, courtesy of Ludum Dare 27, I was able to take last week off from gamedev. Which was nice, because I was bloody knackered. So I got to spend a few evenings vegetating on the couch and catching up on some TV (and temporarily rescuing Mrs. Beerman from the horrors of her self-imposed Netflix “My Hero” marathon.)

So, reasonably refreshed after a few nights away from the IDE, I figured it was about time I made a start on September’s game. As previously mentioned, I’m temporarily shelving Philosofist while I get up to speed on a few things I need to grok better before I can build it.

And thus we come to September’s game : Electric Sex Cannon. It’s an endlessly scrolling run-and-gun where your avatar battles through a dystopian greyscape to bring love and sex and colour to a drab and depressing world. Hopefully it should let me work of some of the level-design and event scripting stuff that PhilosoFist needs without needing to worry yet about the more fiddly bits of melee collision detection and the endless stream of dreadful gags that a title like PhilosoFist depends on.

So, after a fairly relaxed-pace Sunday of development, I’ve got a reasonable looking player avatar running and shooting against a parallax city background and a placeholder title screen, and the bare bones of a plot. Hopefully that should put me far enough ahead of the game that I can comfortably flesh this out over the course of the month without frying my brain.

So anyway : screenshots…

This is my title screen. There are many like it but this one is mine.

And a quick look at the in-game action so far.