Weapons hot! Engaging...

I’ve been stuck for months now on Sheep Snaggers 2, because I just couldn’t seem to get the weapons right. Everything I tried either looked crap, worked really badly, or usually both.

Think I’ve finally got something I can be happy with now though :)

All I had to do was ditch the bullet sprite I was using in favour of a nice chunky block and turn the speed up to 11 and the same code that was generating a wimpy little slug-trail turned into an awesome LAZOR OF DEATH!!!

Hits the framerate a little hard at the minute - firing lasers drops from around 300fps to somewhere in the low 100s - so a little performance tweaking is still in order, but at least it’s looking good now.

Hopefully now that’s out of the way I can finally get some damn progress made with this thing - only 13 weekends of development time left until the end of the year now, and a couple of those are spoken for already.