Beerman's adventures in voxel-land, part 5 : The hard parts

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Oops, went a bit quiet there for a while again. So yeah, in the last installment of this thrilling series, I’d got the basics of the engine in place and I was starting to make some videogame, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. Right now it’s looking a bit like this:

Previously I was building my “sprites” out of png files - while better than chucking values into arrays, it wasn’t exactly ideal for visualising what the end result would look like. Fortunately, a bit of googling led me to the rather handy Voxie, with which I rapidly assembled a decent bunch of weird-looking voxel beasties that would look at home in any 80s arcade.

Odd looking bunch, aren't they?

So far I’ve got about half of them in the game, along with some improved particle effects, long range radar view and a few powerups. It’s due to debut in this years ROM homebrew tournament at Easter, so I need to get my skates on a bit if I want it to be ready in time…