Sheep Snaggers : Latest update

Ladies and Gentlebeasts. We are now 100% feature complete! Everything that should be in there, is in there:

  • Alien sheep hunters collecting unfortunate sheepies to build their sinister Death Star.
  • Frantic sheepies pooping in panic, providing valuable ammo against the Death Star
  • Alien fighters shooting the crap out of you. They will kill you THROUGH TEH FACE!!!
  • The eeeeevil Death Star hunts you down when it’s complete. RUNCOWARD!
  • High score table (not persistent because Goddammit!)
  • Androids fighting
  • Brad and Janet
A brief play with py2exe means that I now have a fully distributable win32 version. Other platforms may be possible if anyone wants to volunteer their testing services. OS X at least should be possible, although I fear to dabble with the other Unices and their myriad configurations.

Got Vikki working on some new graphics for me, not all done yet, but looking pretty good so far :)

Could do with a few new sound effects too, to replace the shamelessly stolen Sinistar sounds I’m using as placeholders.

Game-wise, all that’s left is tweaking things for balance. I’m currently getting handed my ass on a regular basis, but then I suck at video games. Thinking I should change the colour on enemy bullets so you know which ones to avoid…

Should probably add in a full-screen toggle too, but then I have to worry about video modes and weird laptop aspect ratios and stuff. Might be more trouble than it’s worth.

*may not appear in finished product. Anne Francis is, however, confirmed as starring in Forbidden Planet :D