Got some decent progress made today on a prototype for my October Challenge game, currently going by the name of DETHTANK.

So far I’ve got my tank up and running with a tilemap background and some very dumb little dudes running around for you to run over. Since squishing the little buggers is pretty good fun, I guess it’s time to take a step back and see about making a proper game out of it.

My idea at the minute is to have some sort of zombie/monster invasion. The zombies are chasing an equally squishy group of humans and as a last resort, DETHTANK has been called in to destroy the undead menace.

Next job then, I think is to rewrite what I’ve got to be a bit less hacky - I’ve been reading some interesting stuff about component based engine design that should come in pretty handy - and get my little dudes behaving a bit more intelligently with some basic flocking behaviours. Keeping the little buggers on the map would be a good start!