Going Solo

I quit my job Monday. Was planning to write about it sooner but I got a little distracted watching the country in flames…


So yeah, it’s been on the cards for a while. Not that it was a bad job or anything but for me at least ‘well treated employee’ starts to feel a lot like ‘well treated pet’. Curse my Rugged Individualism :)

So, now that Mrs. Beerman seems to be pretty well established and loving her job, and we’ve been fortunate enough to score a 6-9 month cat/house sitting gig that comes with free accommodation, it seemed like the perfect time to make the leap and try and make it solo.

What now? Well, I’m gonna see if I can’t bootstrap Beercave Games into a fully-fledged indie game developing machine. Plan is to pay the bills with contract work and use the downtime to work on games.

Luckily, I’m off to a good start. A good friend of mine (and thoroughly talented bastard has picked up the rights to develop video game versions of sacrilicious board game Playing Gods. He needed a coder, I needed a gig, so now I’ve got my first commercial project.

All being well, we should be launching on Facebook in late October - conveniently, right around the time I’ll be finishing up the day job. Obviously that means that Gun Bastard is going back on hold again, but nothing new there!