Six Pack

Somewhat last minute yet again, but still comfortably inside the grace period for June, game number six is done. As previously mentioned, the original plan wasn’t setting my world on fire, but after finally dragging myself into starting, inspiration struck at the last minute and it turned into something completely different. Check out LawBringer here.

So what is it?

Well, it’s an incredibly simple scrolling shooter featuring a stunning TWO different enemies! I’m quite pleased with how a lot of it turned out though given the time constraints - think this is definitely one to come back and expand on later. Right now though, the relentless ticking of the [1GAM] clock means it’s time to move on to game number 7.

This month sees the very greatest of all possible themes:

As a Huge Metal Fan, I’m pretty much required to take a crack at this theme, and as luck would have it, I’ve got a plan already.

Meet Headbanger’s Heaven, a fairly obscure early Llamasoft title that’s long overdue for a remake. It should be simple enough that I can plausibly finish it this month while still leaving room to put a bit of my own twist on things.

I’m thinking the basic plot is that Beerman is trying to get from the moshpit to the bar while an angry roadie is “vigorously” offloading the band’s van by hurling the contents out the back, the contents being increasingly heavy items from the classic hammers of the original through to anvils, safes and full speaker stacks (why’s the band carrying safes and anvils in their tour van? Because VIDEOGAMES!).

Being a hardened headbanger, any blows you take directly to the head cause no damage and fill you with the POWER OF METAL, thus boosting your score.

Before I get to that of course, it’s time for the now-traditional couple of days of downtime to help avoid development fatigue. Seems only sensible that I should get myself in the mood for game 7 with a bit of Brütal Legend. And of course, this…