12 isn't that many, right?

I’m a sucker for a challenge, I am. Put it down to my inner Spark needing to SHOW THEM ALL!!! THOSE FOOLS!!!, but dangle a goal in front of me and attach it to a catchy label and I am in.

So when @McFunkypants came up with the idea of onegameamonth.com, it was a bit like throwing cheeseburgers in a piranha tank. It’s got a hashtag and everything - resistance was futile.

I think part of the attraction is that I’ve generally been taking way too long to get games out of the door. Sheep Snaggers 2 was a good 2 years of on-and-off development, Droidy Shooty Thing dragged along for a year or so without ever turning into something that was actually fun, and Gun Bastard is, well, yeah, Gun Bastard…

So in contrast to that, the idea of knocking out a complete (if probably not very big) game once a month for a year sounds pretty appealing. If nothing else, maybe the ongoing deadlines will help me get past my horrible execution anxiety the way that the October Challenge did in forcing me to release Lagertron instead of sitting on it and using “polishing” as an excuse to delay the launch.

So, assuming that the looming 2012 eschaton fails to immanentize, starting in January I plan to dedicate a couple of weekends a month to knocking together small games, ideally in a different genre each time. Between my big pile of unused game ideas and videogamena.me I should be able to find at least 12 workable ideas without too much trouble.