#onegameamonth month 1 : ChaosBall

So with 2012 drawing to a close, I’ve been making a start on my first #OneGameaMonth game.

I started by ripping the guts out of Lagertron and dropping them into a new “Engine” project which I’m planning on extending as the year progresses until I’ve got a fairly solid set of base code to play with

For the first project I wanted to keep things nice and simple - no Massively Multiplayer Open-World simulations just yet - so I’ve taken the engine as it currently exists and put together the basics of a Breakout clone, tentatively titled “ChaosBall” on top of it.

ChaosBall : not much in the way of chaos in evidence just yet. Now that I’ve got something playable, that gives me the rest of the month to polish frantically and turn it into something that’s both visually interesting and fun to play. Mostly by making everything explode all over the place, but if I can come up with any interesting gameplay twists then so much the better. Ideally I’d like to come up with a way to keep the pace up and avoid the classic “bounce the ball around for 10 minutes because there’s only one brick left and you can’t seem to hit it” scenario that always seems to happen. Or is that just because I’m crap at breakout?