February game : [insert title here]

Oh hey, look at that! It’s February already, time to properly announce my second #1GAM creation.

As previously mentioned, this one was conceived as a mash-up of Spy Hunter and Juno First. Currently there’s more Spy Hunter in there than anything, with just a hint of 3D projection taken from Juno First - I might come back to that later this year and do it properly.

This month will be one of the harder challenges since we’re visiting Mrs. Beerman’s family in Texas for a week, which cuts a chunk out of my dev time. Because I’m a smart chap I planned ahead for this by making sure my January game was simple enough to finish early, giving me an extra week to work on the next one. Because I’m not always a smart chap, I thought I’d give my productivity and focus a spectacular boost by buying Skyrim…

What, this? Research, definitely research… Still, I’ve managed to get at least some work done between bouts of twatting skeletons with a Big Fucking Axe, and I’ve got a fairly decent scrolling road up and running that looks a bit like this.

There’s quite a nice Night Driver vibe going with the visuals there, next job is to add in some traffic and possibly some collectibles for points. Oh yeah, and some really over-the-top Fearon-esque particle explosions. I’ve got a nice update planned to the particle system from ChaosBall* which should let me explode everything in every direction at once. Using All The Colours, because that’s how we do things around these parts. Oh yeah, and a clever name would be good - I’m a bit stumped on this one. Hopefully something will come to me before the end of the month. *which was shockingly lazy. Every particle was its own entity, so on low-end phones the end game explosion was garbage-collection hell.