PG Weekly update 1

Well, look at me! One week to the day since I decided to start doing weekly updates and I’m actually following through. Hoping to get another post in before the week’s out as well.

PG Dev’s been a little stalled for the last week or so - LD48 used up a lot more mojo than I’d anticipated - but I’m getting back on track. Right now I’ve got game state tracking set up with App Engine with a fairly simple HTML/JS front end for testing. Currently, players can join the game and then take turns in rolling the dice and moving around the board.

Next step is to add in card collecting and then look at building in the territory capture mechanics. If I can just find some bloody free time I should have a decent chunk of that in place by the weekend. I really need to get this beastie in a state where it can be playtested pretty damn quick so I can make a start on the Unity stuff.

With any luck though, free time should be something that becomes a bit more abundant as I wind down the day job. Turns out I had enough unused holiday time left to book my remaining Mondays off, which should give me a fair bit more time to get things working. Also, long weekends for the win :)