Off to a good start

So what with this weekend being Mrs. Beerman’s birthday I didn’t get a whole lot of time to start work on the new game. Managed to grab an hour or so to myself tonight though, and since I was ever so slightly fried from a weekend of beer and BBQ I didn’t want to get stuck into the fiddly gameplay bits just yet so I needed to dinf something a bit simpler to fiddle with.

The plan calls for each level to be a different gig, so I thought a useful thing to have would be a random band name generator, just so that things aren’t too samey. Here’s a list of 20 names generated by my first attempt :

  • dragonbomb
  • kickdemon
  • Erik and the hells
  • angelsteel
  • Bob and the wankers
  • bodywanker
  • witch at the fight
  • psycho Steve
  • The punch corpses
  • motorpuncher
  • ninjapuncher
  • black Fart
  • bombiron
  • devil over the body
  • helldevil
  • The metal angels
  • angry Erik
  • kickcorpse
  • The wank fists
  • The twisted diamonds

I think I’m onto a winner here :D