PG : Bit of a milestone

Took a little longer than I’d originally planned - between moving house and finishing my job I’ve had somewhat less free time than I anticipated - but as of this evening, the Playing Gods server code is feature complete.

Still needs a decent chunk of playtesting to get all the bugs out, but right now it’s possible for up to 5 players to play a full game in my not-particularly-attractive HTML UI with only occasional recourse to the “something’s gone wrong, resync with the server” button.

Next job once I’m happy that everything’s pretty much working is to basically rebuild the client in Unity and swap in some nice impressive looking animations where I’ve currently got a popup box saying “god X is in ur base, killing ur dudes”.

In other news, as of this Friday lunchtime I’m officially an unemployed bum. I’m planning on taking a few weeks of downtime before I start looking for contract jobs, so I’m hoping to start making some serious progress on PG. Depending on how things go, I might just dust off Gun Bastard and see if I can squeeze a little gameplay in there - got a whole bunch of ideas I’m looking forward to playing with there.