Back in the saddle

Just back from a few days’ break in Edinburgh with the lovely Mrs. Beerman to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary (how she hasn’t killed me yet I don’t know). Unsurprisingly, I’ve not got much in the way of game development done this week, so it’s time to get back into it bright and early tomorrow morning.

On the to do list for the weekend:

  • Menu Screen
  • Pause mode (it’s not a real game if you can’t pause…)
  • Some kind of scoring system
  • More enemies (i.e. stuff that shoots at me)
  • Weapon system so I can shoot back at them
  • Modify the level setup so I can position enemy start points
  • Alternative controls that don’t need an XBox pad…

If I can get that lot in, I should be just about in a position to kick out a demo