Shaping up nicely

Just a couple of days into development of October’s game and it’s looking like I’m onto a winner for once. Saturday was spent mostly swearing at Box2D as I figured out how to plug it into my existing engine code, but now that I’ve got a handle on it I really wish I’d made an effort to get it working before now. Would have saved me a lot of messing around with half-baked homebrewed physics systems for this year’s games.

So, that state of play right now is I’ve got most of the basic elements of the game up and running in prototype form. A rectangular arena with four walled castles defended by a paddle. As of Sunday night, it looked a bit like this:

Since then, I’ve got the paddles fully touch-controllable on Android. It’s ever-so-slightly ridiculous to play on the Nexus 4 given the screen size, so I think tablets might be the minimum sensible form factor for the mobile version, but it’s working, and that’s a hell of a lot better state than I’m usually in this early in the month. I’ve got a good feeling about this one :D