Well, that was unexpected

I wasn’t planning on entering Ludum Dare this time around - I already had two projects on the go for #1GAM and since I was BBQing* yesterday I figured I wouldn’t have enough of the weekend free to put a game together.

Still, I’ve entered a fair few of them now so I couldn’t resist at least keeping an eye on the theme. So when I had a quick look at the site on Saturday morning I thought “10 Seconds - that might be do-able…”. There was, however, grilling to be done, so I let the concept sit on a back burner for the day to percolate around my brainium a bit while I enjoyed the twin pleasures of beer and meat.

What I came up with is kind of a “Deal or no Deal” speed-run. You have 10 seconds to open a number of boxes that contain prizes which can affect your score in positive or negative ways. If your total score exceeds the target, you survive to the next round. It looks a bit like this:

[Play Open the Box]

So that’s 8 games down and for once I’ve got a little wiggle room before the deadline. On the other hand, I’ve got 3 weeks of Ludum Dare voting to deal with so I don’t want to get over-ambitious with my free time. Think I’ll stick with the existing plan of making something fairly simple that works as a stepping-off point for what I want to do with Philosofist. * There were ribs. And I Do. Not. Fuck. Around. when it comes to BBQ ribs…