Ten in a row!

Play Candy Castle Chaos

So yeah, that’s game number ten in the bag. Just two more to go and I’ll have beaten this ridiculous self-imposed burden and be free again!

Looks like I made a good call when I decided to go with something less content heavy for this month. As it turned out I didn’t end up with a whole lot of time to work on it, so having a pretty much fully working prototype up and running in the first weekend was a major bonus.

I’m well into the home stretch now with just two more games to go. December I’ve already got planned, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. For November? Well I’m really pleased with how well the heavily saturated vectors and particle frenzy worked out this month so I’m thinking of staying in the same style. And what’s the undisputed king of the vector games?

Given the time constraints, it’s obviously going to be a lot closer to the original than the psychedelic loveliness of TxK, but I reckon I should be able to make a fairly decent stab at it nontheless.