Introducing : Lagertron

Wow, been a while. So, what’s been going down in the Beercave since my last post?

Well, I rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed back in June. The contracting thing just wasn’t working out - think I’m just not mentally wired for chasing work to the extent that’s needed. Anyway, the new gig’s pretty good, much less corporate and soul-crushing than the last one.

Droidy Shooty Thing’s temporarily shelved - I’ve never been entirely happy with the gameplay, figured I should quit beating that horse while there’s at least a little life left in it and come back when I’m a bit less burned out on the damn thing.

In the meantime, I needed a project to keep myself moving. Something simple and fun where I could take classic gameplay and stamp a bit of me on it. And thus was born Lagertron.

Don’t know why I didn’t make this already. So yeah, basically it’s Robotron goes to the pub. Nasties have invaded the boozer, and only the mighty Beerman can save the beer. By drinking it all, obviously. So far, it looks a little bit like this: