A Challenge Appears!

Things have been a bit slack on the development front of late. In typical feckless indie developer style I’ve got far too many partially finished projects on the go, to the point where any time I do any work on one I end up feeling bad that I’m neglecting the others.

Fortunately, Ludum Dare’s October Challenge looks to be just the thing to give me a sense of urgency.

The challenge is simple: make a game, take it to market, and sell (or license) one copy. Have something new for sale and in a store by the end of October.” Sounds simple enough, right? An actual deadline might just give me the sense of urgency I need to get some shit done, and hopefully break me out of the creative doldrums. First order of business then is to pick a game and a development platform. Right now I’m reasonably familiar with pygame and XNA, and with only 6 weeks to play with learning a new environment doesn’t seem like the best use of my time. Game-wise I’m thinking probably some sort of shooter, partly so I don’t have to worry about complicated physics stuff, but mostly because I just like to blow things up! Anyway, I’m at the pub tonight so I’m gonna use this time for a spot of brainstorming and be ready to make a start on the design in the morning. All being well, I should have a reasonable idea of what I want to make by Monday. Wish me luck - I’m gonna need it!