Where Ludums Dare 3 : The Luduming

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Breakfast’s cooking, coffee’s brewing, so time to look back over yesterday’s progress and see what’s left to do if I’m gonna release a game this weekend.

Currently I’ve got a basic base layout, with buildings spawning an endless wave of enemies whenever the player is in range. You can also shoot at them, but the bullets currently just bounce off. Should probably make that work as job 1, then at least there’s something to do.

Missing right now from the basic stuff are enemies that shoot back, the titular choppah, and some kind of halfway decent AI for the enemy soldiers. A title screen and scoring mechanism are also pretty damn essential if I’m to call this a game.

Just under 19 hours to go before the deadline (15 if I’m realistic about getting some sleep tonight), so it’s gonna be tight but right now it’s still doable. I think…