Game change?

Not so very long ago, someone around these parts said something very much like this:

Still, I think I’ve pretty much found my toolset for the forseeable - Unity for 3D and heavy lifting, Java/libGDX for smaller stuff. I’m hoping to be able to bang out smallish mobile games reasonably quickly

You’d think I’d know by now not to go making grand pronouncements of The Way Things Are Gonna Be - seems like it’s a great way to bring about Change.

So what happened this time? Well, it seems those nice chaps at Unity decided to make the iOS and Android versions available for FREE for the next month. Since free stuff is my very favourite kind of stuff, obviously I grabbed them as soon as their servers stopped melting.

Which leaves me with a minor dilemma. Do I carry on working with libGDX as my mobile development platform, thereby suffering the twin pains of building my own damn engine and having to code in bloody Java, or do I switch to developing exclusively with Unity, thus allowing me to once more get my C# on at the cost of losing the stuff I’ve done so far?

For future projects, it seems like a no-brainer, but Droidy Shooty Thing’s pretty much done bar the polishing now. Not sure if the productivity gains I’d get from having a solid platform under me and a language I actually like would outweight the cost of rebuilding it from scratch…