New game - GUN BASTARD

With Sheep Snaggers pretty much finished, I’ve been thinking about how I could have improved the structure of the code. As it stands, it’s a pretty horrendous spaghetti mess - I hacked features on pretty much at random, and it shows.
I’ve come up with a much better design, where the main game loop nice and simple

while running:
  think() #handles control input and AI
  update() # move things around
  render() # draws the end result

and the different game modules each have their own versions of the 3 functions. When I switch game modes, I swap out the function pointers for the relevant module and everything stays inside the one loop, which makes handling game events much cleaner.
In Sheep Snaggers, the attract mode and high score entry each have their own seperate copy of the game loop, which then has to throw events back to the main loop - hideous I know, but that’s what happens when you don’t plan ahead…
Anyway, to test the new structure out, I needed a nice simple game concept.


Shamelessly stole^W^WInspired by OddBob’s excellent War Twat, it’s an arena shooter with mental visuals and ridiculous levels of firepower

Title Screen with logo
The very basic title screen, with hastily GIMPed logo.
The gun bastard in action
The Gun Bastard in action. I have no idea just how many bullets are on screen right there…
More gun bastard pyrotechnics
But it looks like a lot :D
Next job is to throw in some enemies and see how they like it up ‘em!